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Thursday, July 2, 1970

Manager Control Panel

  » League Manager Login.
  » League Set Up.
  » Enter Game Stats.

  » Finding your League.


  1. Using the Manager Control Panel:
    Enter Username.

  2. Enter Password.

  3. Click the Login button.

LEAGUE SET UP: (show me)

  1. Add Team(s):

    Enter Team Name and assoiciated info (Sponsor, Contact, e-mail, Phone#).
    Click the Add Team button.
    Repeat until all teams have been entered.

  2. Add Player(s):

    Enter Player Name and click the Add Player button.
    Tip: add all players on one team then proceed to Step 3 (Edit Team Roster). After completing that teams roster, repeat process until all players have been added.

  3. Edit Team Roster:

    Select Player Name from the Name pull-down menu and click the Add Player button.
    Repeat until all players are added to a team.

  4. Setup Schedule:
    Click "Schedule/Stats" link.
    Enter date, time, venue, select Home Team and Away Team; Then click the "Add Game" button.
    Repeat until all games have been entered

  5. Add Team Photo:
    Select a Team from the Add Team Photo pull-down and click the Add button.
    Click the browse button and select the image you wish to use.
    Next, click the upload button.
    If your image was successfully uploaded you will see a preview of it.

Enter Game Stats: (show me)

  1. Click the Schedule/Stats link.

  2. Click the Stats link in the same row as the game you wish to enter stats.

  3. Select the "Player" from the Player pull-down menu that you wish to add stats to.

  4. Enter Stats for "Player" selected in Step 3 and click the "Insert" button.
    Note: Enter the amount of 2 point field goals (2FG), the amount of 3 point field goals (3FG), the amount of free throws made (FTM), the amount of free throws attempted (FTA), and the amount of personal fouls (PFL). Repeat this step until all player stats have been entered for both teams.

  5. Click the "Finished" button. This will update your standings.